About IVPS

Founded in 2010, Shenzhen IVPS Technology CO. Limited specializes in electronic cigarette research and development, production, and sale in all markets worldwide. IVPS has made the great success, the leading brand of it, is enjoyed by over 80 million consumers worldwide in just 7 short years with its e-cigarette technology research and development-centric as well as focusing on brand construction and operation, sale channels development and management from both home and abroad and continuous innovation, making SMOK® a first class global brand in the electronic cigarette industry. In 2015, IVPS founded the KOOPOR brand to create a young, fashionable e-cigarette culture. In 2017, IVPS will make great efforts to build up an exclusive brand, creating an e-cigarette ecosystem that is unique to IVPS.

IVPS has established a complete customer service system to make sure cooperation smoothly and efficiently. IVPS not only focuses on design and quality, but also provides first class customer service for customers to achieve a win-win situation. IVPS believes that choosing customers is choosing friends, choosing IVPS is choosing a trustworthy friend.

SMOK® is an international first-class e-cigarette brand, which has the e-cigarette whole category products from entry lever to ultimate level. It is featured in the high-end markets with stable product performance, excellent quality and good reviews.

Strict Quality Management


The company pursues the ‘Quality First’ concept, and always regards quality as the core competitiveness of products and the foundation for survival and development. Implementing an efficient quality management, stabilizing and improving the product quality are not only an important task of the company, but also the central line of production and operation. From the purchasing of raw materials, to the production and manufacture, and to the ex-factory quality inspection, the Quality Department strictly follows the quality monitoring workflow to repeatedly test and verify the products. Various monitoring methods are adopted, such as random sampling, first sample inspection, process inspection, and ex-factory 100% quality inspection, to resolutely wipe defective products out of the market, ensuring that every marketed product meets the requirements of functionality, safety and reliability.

The company has passed many international certifications, including ISO9001 quality management system certification, UL8139, CE, RoHS and FCC etc.

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